Tony Smith's HomePage

[ photo by Ashley Pierce ]

was Off the Web

for a while, but

Now It's Back.


Here is what happened:

Forover 5 years, my web pages have expressedmy personal thoughts and opinions on subjects ranging from"Abyssinian Highlands" to "Zarathustra", and some things in between,such as the Truth QuarkMass.

In March of 1999, The Oriental Institute of TheUniversity of Chicago objected to my use of some images from theirweb pages, even though I had given explicit credit to them.

I disagreed with theirinterpretation of the law, and asked them to put me in contact withThe University of Chicago's Legal Services Department for discussionabout the law.

The University of Chicago's Legal ServicesDepartment did NOT contact me directly to discuss the law.

Instead, they contacted theadministrators of a web server containing my site and demanded thatthe material in question be removed. That cowardlytactic succeeded, and  

I then removed my pages(which had grown to almost 900 files containing over 26 MB of data)from that Web Site.

I was very unhappy that it seemed to me that theWeb was not what it used to be (an open forum for free exchange ofideas and information);


that the Web had become a commercial institutionin which Moneyis more important than Truth.


However, I did not give up in the hope that theremight exist an Internet Service Provider with the courage to let meassert my right of fair use, and

I am happy to say that I have found acourageous ISP, and that my Web Pages now, in April 1999, have a homeat URL



This makes me very happy, especially since my webpages are dedicated to the memory of my parents, Billie Ham Smith (26September 1915 to 29 August 1995) and Frank Dodd Smith (19 December1906 to 17 September 1986). I hope - and believe - that their Spiritslive on, and I am happy that the Ideas on my web pages may also beliving on.