(by Frank Dodd (Tony) Smith,Jr., on 18 March 2009)

The Prize is cancelled due to anumber of factors, any one of which is sufficient, some of which are:

1 - As of now, I know of no activeinterest in the Prize. Any interest that is expressed to me afterthis announcement of cancellation of the prize would be considered byme to be irrelevant, and not even worthy of response or discussion.

2 - I have now myself written asummary book of my physics work and put it on the web as a free pdfweb book (471 pages plus front and back covers) at:




3 - The Cornell arXiv no longerseems to me to be as interesting or important as it once was.

My original Prize Notice was written before December 2004 andcontained references to now-obsolete URLs for my web site. Clickhere to see the original Prize Notice, but be aware that it hassome URL references that are now obsolete,
In December 2004, my primary web site address becamehttp://www.valdostamuseum.org/hamsmith/

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In February 2005, I added a web site address athttp://www.tony5m17h.net/

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