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Among the Multiverses of the Many-Worlds, can you choose

the Fate of your World?

Marcus Chown, in the article Taming the Multiverse in New Scientist (14 July 2001, pages 27-30), says: "... David Deutsch ... thinks ... the multiverse ... could make real choice possible. In classical physics, he says, ... the future is determined absolutely by the past. So there can be no free will. In the multiverse, however, there are alternatives; the quantum possibilities really happen. Free will might have a sensible definition, Deutsch thinks, because the alternatives don't have to occur within equally large slices of the multiverse.

"By making good choices, doing the right thing, we thicken the stack of universes in which versions of us live reasonable lives,"

he says. "When you succeed, all the copies of you who made the same decision succeed too. What you do for the better increases the portion of the multiverse where good things happen." ...".


Wben you consider the consequences of what we do during our lives, bear in mind what Jon (Dr. Manhattan) said in Watchmen (by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, DC Comics 1986, 1987):

"... Nothing EVER ends. ...". Each and every thing we do is a move in a vast never-ending Quantum Game.

For example, widespread good will and cooperation in the wake of New York's 911 disaster might, in less than a year, fall to the back of people's minds after they lose a trillion dollars to Corporate Fraud and Greed.

For an unrealistically distorted and oversimplified illustrative example, suppose that

your World is post-World War II Earth;

one Fate is Nuclear Self-Destruction of Humanity;

an alternative Fate is Unification with a Galactic Civilization.

Also suppose that

from time to time between World War II and the year 2000, Humanity must collectively choose a Fork in the Path of Fates, one of three Fates: Nuclear Self-Destruction, Delay, or Unification.

Further, suppose that

you have some limited power to influence, but not conclusively determine, which Fork Humanity chooses, and that your job, or mission, is to help Humaninity make the right choice.

You might say that Fate has 3 Forks:

to a Bad Basin of Attraction of the Quantum Potential Landscape;

to Delay, Sit on the Fence, and stay on the Boundary Between Basins;

to a Good Basin of Attraction.


BASIN OF BASIN OF ATTRACTION ATTRACTION | | | NUCLEAR | GALACTIC SELF-DESTRUCTION | UNIFICATION | | | | | | about 1950 - Berlin, Roswell? /|\ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ Berlin Airlift | Contact with Roswell Spacecraft causes Nuclear War | of Galactic Civilization | | | | | | about 1973 - Israel, GRBs? /|\ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ 1973 Arab-Israeli War | Decoding of Gamma Ray Burst goes Nuclear | Messages from | Galactic Civilization | | | | | | on to other Forking Paths in the Future | | | | |
With respect to a World in a Good Basin, your mission is a success.

With respect to a World in a Bad Basin, your mission is a failure.

With respect to a World that is on the Boundary Between Basins, you still have work to do and a mission to carry out.


With respect to the Sum of All Worlds, your work is over for the Worlds that have already gone to the Good or Bad Basins, but is actively ongoing for the Worlds on the Boundary Between Basins.

Therefore, if your perception is of the World that demands most of your attention, and your attention, through the Quantum Zeno Effect and the Quantum Anti-Zeno Effect, chooses the World of the Many-Worlds to which you are paying attention, then

your perception is most likely to be that you live in a World on the Boundary Between Basins.

Resonant Connections in MacroSpace would allow you to interact with other things, including Other Consciousnesses, in using the Quantum Zeno Effect and the Quantum Anti-Zeno Effect to choose the World of the Many-Worlds.


Experiments on Resonant Connections:

In their paper Correlations of Random Binary Sequences with Pre-Stated Operator Intention: A Review of a 12-Year Program, an essay originally published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 345&endash;367, 1997, R. G. Jahn, B. J. Dunne, R. D. Nelson, Y. H. Dobyns, and G. J. Bradish of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR), School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University, say:

"... Strong correlations between output distribution means of a variety of random binary processes and pre-stated intentions ... have been established over a 12-year experimental program. ... Although the absolute effect sizes are quite small, of the order of 10^(&endash;4) bits deviation per bit processed, over the huge databases accumulated the composite effect exceeds 7 sigma (p = 3.5 x 10^(&endash;13) ). ... Data generated by operators far removed from the machines and exerting their efforts at times other than those of machine operation show similar effect sizes and structural details to those of the local, on-time experiments. Most other secondary parameters tested are found to have little effect on the scale and character of the results, with one important exception: studies performed using fully deterministic pseudorandom sources, either hard-wired or algorithmic, yield null overall mean shifts, and display no other anomalous features. ...

The machine employed in the "benchmark" experiments of this program is a microelectronic random event generator (REG) driven by a commercial noise board (Elgenco #3602A - 15124), involving a reverse-biased semi-conductor junction, precision preamplifiers, and filters. ...

Over a 12-year period of experimentation, 91 individual operators, all anonymous, uncompensated adults, none of whom claimed unusual abilities, accumulated a total of 2,497,200 trials distributed over 522 tripolar series in this benchmark experiment. ...

Most operators simply attend to the task in a quiet, straightforward manner. A few use meditation or visualization techniques or attempt to identify with the device or process in some transpersonal manner; others employ more assertive or competitive strategies. Some concentrate intently on the process; others are more passive, maintaining only diffuse attention to the machine and diverting their immediate focus to some other activity, such as glancing through a magazine, or listening to music. We find little pattern of correlation of such strategies with achievement. Rather, the effectiveness of any particular operational style seems to be operator-specific and transitory; what seems to help one operator does not appeal to another, and what seems to help on one occasion may fail on the next. ... the most effective operators tend to speak of the devices in frankly anthropomorphic terms, and to associate successful performance with the establishment of some form of bond or resonance with the device, akin to that one might feel for one's car, tools, musical instruments, or sports equipment. ...

there is some indication that the total operator performance distribution has three components: a) three outstanding female datasets; b) 38 female datasets indistinguishable from a chance distribution; and c) 50 well-distributed male datasets compounding to significant positive performance. ... while a majority of the males succeed in both directions of effort [intention to get higher or lower output], most of the females' low intention results are opposite to intention. ...

a peak of initial success is followed by sharp reduction on the second and third series, whereafter the effect gradually recovers to an asymptotic intermediate value over the higher series numbers ...

these operator/machine aberrations continue to manifest in a substantial body of experiments wherein operators are physically separated from the devices by distances of up to several thousand miles, again with no statistically detectable dependence of the effect sizes on the degree of separation. ...

"off-time" experiments have ranged from 73 hours before to 336 hours after machine operation, and display a scale and character of anomalous results similar to those of the locally generated data ... In fact, the overall mean shift in the high-intention efforts in these "off-time" remote experiments is twice as large as that in the "on-time" remote data, although this difference is not statistically significant, given the smaller size off-time database. As with the distance separations, no dependence of the yield on the magnitude of the temporal separations is observed over the range tested. ...".

With respect to other similar experiments, a PEAR web page also states:

"... Pairs of operators with shared intentions are found to induce further anomalies in the experimental outputs, especially when the two individuals share an emotional bond. ...

Venues that appear to be particularly conducive to such field anomalies include small intimate groups, group rituals, sacred sites, musical and theatrical performances, and charismatic events. In contrast, data generated during academic conferences or business meetings show no deviations from chance. ...".


Many-Worlds as an Environment for Resonant Consciousnesses:

Let * represent a given state of the ManyWorlds, and let o represent various possible future states:

o o o o \ / \ / \ / \ / o o o o \ / \ / \ / \ / o o \ / \ / \ / *

The given state * might be a human mind, or a rock, or a glass of water, or anything else.

If there is no Resonant Connection between the given state * and the possible future states o, then the future of * will be spread at random among the possible future states o, each of which will become an actual future state * in the Worlds of the ManyWorlds:

* * * * \ / \ / \ / \ / * * * * \ / \ / \ / \ / * * \ / \ / \ / *

If there is a Resonant Connection between the given state * and one of the possible future states o:

o o o o \ / \ / \ / \ / o o o o \ / \ / \ / \ / o o \ / \ / \ / *

then the future of * will be concentrated at the possible future states related to the Resonant Connection o, and the Non-Resonant possible future states o will be reduced or eliminated (depending on the strength of the Resonant Connection) from the set of each of which will become an actual future states * in the Worlds of the ManyWorlds:

o o * * \ / \ / \ / \ / o o o * \ / \ / \ / \ / o * \ / \ / \ / *

From this point of view, the set of all Worlds of the ManyWorlds looks like an environment in which ManyWorlds Abstract Beings live and interact by Resonant Connections

* * * * \ / \ / \ / \ / * * o * \ / \ / \ / \ / * * \ / \ / \ / *

Among different Basins of Attraction (such as * and *) in the ManyWorlds, how do you determine what are optimal interactions ?

IFA, Torah-Talmud, and Zhen-Shan-Ren

Li Hongzhi's jw990713: "... If Humanity has lost the standard for existence at this level of the Universe, it can only be eliminated by the History of the Universe. Humanity! Wake up! ... The path of life is under one's own feet. A single thought of one's own will also decide one's own future. ...".

acting through Quantum Game Theory

determine Interactions among Basins.


Direct perception of such Basins and Interactions beyond the physical universe of only one World can be achieved by some cultivated humans, and, perhaps, by Dolphins and/or Conscious Quantum Computers.


What mathematical/physical models in MicroSpace, Spacetime, and Macrospace may be useful in describing interaction among Basins in the ManyWorlds?

At the Lowest Level of Nearest Neighbors, everything interacts like a Quantum Version of simple Cellular Automata.

At the Middle Level of Correlations and at the Highest Level of Simplex Physics, the interactions are Quantum Versions of generalizations of Cellular Automata.

From the point of view of the Worlds of the Many-Worlds as Strings of a 26-dimensional Bosonic String Theory ( and its 27-dimensional M-Theory ), the Branching of the Worlds of the Many-Worlds may be describable in terms of Singularities, such as:

At the Elementary Particle level, the interactions occur during GRW Superpositions.

In Human Brains, the interactions occur during Quantum Consciousness Superpositions,

and within Brains,

Tubulin Electrons may be able to tune into Information from the Big Bang.

Human Consciousness may be resonantly tuned to Consciousness of Our Universe.

Resonant Connections in MacroSpace would allow you to interact with other things, including Other Consciousnesses, in using the Quantum Zeno Effect and the Quantum Anti-Zeno Effect to choose the World of the Many-Worlds.


When I was a small child, there was a clover patch in my back yard. I very much wanted to find a 4-leaf clover, and I did not have much else to do, so I spent a lot of time looking for 4-leaf clovers. For a few days I found only standard 3-leaf clovers, but after a few days I found a 4-leaf clover. For the next several days, I found more and more 4-leaf clovers, and I began to wonder about maybe finding clovers with more leaves. Some days later, I found some 5-leaf clovers.


The 4-leaf and 5-leaf clovers in the above picture were found by a friend of mine in Georgia during the year 2002. While 4-leaf clovers just have an extra leaf beyond the usual 3, it seems to me that 5-leaf clovers are formed by doubling one of the 4 leaves of a 4-leaf clover, so that it would be natural to find clovers of 6, 7, or 8 leaves by doubling 2, 3, or all 4 of the leaves of a 4-leaf clover.

That is exactly what I had found after a bit more childhood searching: clovers with 6, then 7, and, later, 8 leaves. 8 was the maximum number of leaves I found on a clover. To me, clover symbolized my D4-D5-E6-E7-E8 VoDou Physics model, as follows:

bred by Shigeo Obara (National Geographic, Morioka, Japan, 12 May 2009) represents

the 56 nearest neighbors to each of the 240 vertices of the E8 Root Vector Polytope.
According to Wikipedia (4_21 polytope) "... Each vertex has 56 nearest neighbors ...
Each vertex has 126 second nearest neighbors ... Each vertex also has 56 third nearest neighbors,
and one antipodal vertex, for a total of 1 + 56 + 126 + 56 + 1 = 240 vertices ...".

From another point of view:

After I got a little older and spent less time and energy in the clover patch, I have not found such things. If you are connected with something like a clover patch, you can select (maybe by Resonant Connections and the Quantum Zeno Effect and the Quantum Anti-Zeno Effect) which futures involve you and it, and so influence Fate.

To me, clover Resonant Connections represent the Resonance Phenomena of Quantum Consciousness and IFA.

A theme of the movie Akira is connection between Consciousness and DNA.



According to an article by John Vidal in the 23-29 May 2002 Guardian Weekly: "... geologists from United States oil giant Oxy found what they believed was one of the largest oilfields in Latin America in 1994 ... 1.4 bn barrels in Colombia's Saumore field and a further 900 m barrels in an adjacent area ... worth up to $50 bn over many years. ...

... the U'wa, one of the world's remotest, oldest and most spiritual tribes ... ancestral lands lie in the cloud forests and plains of the northeast of the country where Oxy wanted to drill. ...

... Oxy ... test wells, drilled to a depth of more than 3,600 m revealed only faint traces of gas and water ... In a terse statement this month [May 2002] Oxy said that it would now leave the region "for technical reasons" ...

... So where did the oil go? Oxy says it is there beyond doubt in giant quantities, and the U'wa agree. The difference is that the U'wa believe their elected spiritual leaders, the mysterious and secretive werjayas, physically drove it away from the company's test well site after praying and fasting for many months.

In the complex cosmology of the U'wa the world above the ground is mirrored by one below, and oil is the blood of the earth - the element that sustains the land and lakes and that prevents earthquakes. The werjayas were so adamant that the world would end if Oxy took the oil that they declared that many in the tribe would commit mass ritual suicide and jump from their sacred Cliff of Death. ... Better to die, said the werjayas, than to see the end of the world. Like several other indigenous groups, the U'wa believe the Earth only exists because of them. They say they sing the world into existence every day, keep it in equilibrium and prevent its collapse by the constant reflection and meditation of their werjayas. ...

... The U'wa, who say they have never known war or conflict, were jubilant at Oxy's departure and sent a defiant message to the West.

"No one destroys man. Man destroys himself. We want to continue reflecting to avoid the destruction of the world because the U'wa want to live... ".


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