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In 2002, the Cornell arXiv blacklisted me, but in November 2003 Iwas able to put on the web a revisedversion of my paper T-Quark Mass and Hyperfinite II1 von Neumannfactor as EXT-2003-087( which supersedes earlier version EXT-2003-083) on CERN CDS


Many thanks to CERN CDS,because blacklisting had prevented me from posting that revisedversion on the Cornell arXiv.

On 15 January 1993 I put my first paper on the Los Alamos e-printarchive, whose first web server was at URL MENTOR.LANL.GOVwith the above logo of the Giza Pyramids.MENTOR was followed by the URL xxx.lanl.govwith which it now (1999) exists in parallel. Now (1999) a new exists in parallel withthem, and there are many mirror archives.Listed below are some of the papers that I have put on the Los Alamose-print archive. Click on the paper's title to see my local pdf file.Click on the paper's archive number to go to the e-print archive andsee the paper's abstract.




The above papers are all but one of the papers that I have put upon the Los Alamos e-print archive. The other paper, Rband Rc Crises, whose abstract is at hep-ph/9512438,should be disregarded because the experimentalresults on which it was based have been superseded. Why do I keepup a paper that I now think is wrong? To remind me that I do makemistakes, and that I should always be willing to discard theoreticalmodels if and when experiment shows them to be wrong.

Note that:


After I read quant-ph/9806009,To Enjoy the Morning Flower in the Evening- What does the Appearance of Infinityin Physics Imply? by Guang-jiong Ni of the Department of Physics,Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China, and the related paperhep-ph/9801264by Guang-jiong Ni, Sen-yue Lou, Wen-fa Lu, and Ji-feng Yang, Irevised my model with respect to the Higgsmechanism, getting a revised calculated Higgs scalar mass ofabout 146 GeV and a Higgs scalar field vacuum expectation value ofabout 252 GeV.

The archived papers listed above that contain my revised Higgscalculations ( as opposed to my older Higgscalculattions that I no longer believe to be correct ) are the(revised): Sun, 14 Jun 1998 09:14:26 GMT version of hep-ph/9708379and the paper T-Quark Mass and HyperfiniteII1 von Neumann factor at physics/0207095.My WMAP ratio calculations were rejectedby arXiv in February 2004.


Here is a 1998 ERRATA LIST for some ofmy papers.

Here are some Mirror Sites for the Los Alamos E-PrintArchives:





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