Lunar Eclipses andthe Future of Man

Krsanna Duran has proposed that Lunar Eclipses are importantindicators of Future History, and has recently focussed on the lastthree Lunar Eclipses of 2009: 7 July; 6 August; and 31 December.

I also think that Lunar Eclipses are important, so here is my takeon those (and a few others). Those three are shown on the followingmap (adapted from a map by Krsanna Duran - eclipse images are from aGoddard Space Flight Center web site, mostly by Fred Espenak):


the triad starts on 7 July 2009 in the Pacific Ocean

where the Toba volcano around 70,000 years ago killed most humans,but left a few survivors to carry on


then on 6 August 2009 goes to Africa,

where modern humans began to evolve


then on 31 December 2009 goes to Africa, India, China andEurAsia

where most humans migrated after leaving Africa,

so you might say that

the 2009 Lunar Eclipse Triad is replicating humanhistory.


As to the future (after the end of 2009):


the 26 June 2010 eclipse seems to be Pacific Ocean (similarto 7 July 2009)

perhaps indicating the completion of the Triad cycle and start ofa new cycle,


with the 21 December 2010 eclipse being centered on theUSA

showing that the next big thing would be USA-related (probably thecollapse of its financial system and the end of its status as theEarth superpower).


The next lunar eclipse is on 15 June 2011 at the MiddleEast,

probably indicating a global oil supply crisis following the USAfinancial collapse.


and that is followed by the lunar eclipse of 10 December2011 at China,

probably indicating the rise of China as the new Earthsuperpower.


As for 2012:

the lunar eclipse of 4 June 2012 is at the central PacificOcean

heralding a Pacific-centered conflict between China and the USA.To check on the validity of interpreting the 2012 central Pacificeclipse 2012 as indicating an East -West Conflict between China andthe USA, compare the Lunar Eclipse of my birthday, 13 March 1941,which was also centered on the central Pacific Ocean

and foreshadowed the East-West Conflict between Japan and theUSA.


The lunar eclipse of 28 November 2012 is at China (similarto 10 December 2011)

indicating victory for China in its conflict with the USA.


The next Lunar Eclipse after the end of 2012 (the critical pointof Maya, TimeWave, etc) 25 April 2013 near Africa

Since Africa is the Origin-Place ofHumanity,

maybe 2013 will see the Origin of a New Phase of EarthCivilization.


Do Solar Eclipses tell a Similar Story ?


Instead of the Triad of 3 Lunar Eclipses in the last half of2009, there was only one Solar Eclipse then:

The solar eclipse of 22 July 2009 at China and the centralPacific Ocean

indicates the emergence of China as the primary power of thePacific.


The solar eclipse of 15 January 2010 at Africa, India, andChina

indicates a shift in favor of those humans whose ancestors leftAfrica for India and China.


The solar eclipse of 11 July 2010 at the Pacific Ocean

indicates a Pacific-centered arena of conflict between East andWest.


 The solar eclipse of 4 January 2011 at the MiddleEast

 probably indicates a global oil supply crisis.


The solar eclipse of 1 June 2011 at North America, butomitting most of the USA,

probably indicates the collapse of the USA global financial systemand the shift of Earth superpower status away from the USA.


The solar eclipses of 1 July 2011 and 25 November 2011 atAntarctica


may indicate a period of global turmoil in the wake of thecollapse of the USA and the ascent of China.


The solar eclipse of 20 May 2012 from China to the USA

indicates the extension of China's dominance to the collapsedUSA.


The solar eclipses of 13 November 2012 and 10 May 2013 atthe Pacific Ocean


indicate the Pacific-centered East-West conflict between China andthe USA. To check on the validity of interpreting the 2012/2013central Pacific eclipses as indicating an East -West Conflict betweenChina and the USA, compare the solar eclipses of 27 March 1941 and 21September 1941

which were at the Eastern Pacific Ocean near America and theWestenPacific Ocean near Japan, respectively,


The solar eclipse of 3 November 2013 at Africa

is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse, with both Annularity and Totality invarious parts of its path.

Since Africa is the Origin-Place ofHumanity,

maybe 2013 will see the Origin of a New Phase of EarthCivilization.



Frank Dodd (Tony) Smith, Jr. - 2010