Here is an errata list produced by Adobe Acrobat 5.0 on MacOS9.2 around 16 June 2003 when I initially made my pdf web book (then5,397 pages):

Unknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/2kly.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/TiRTtD.auFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Users/tony/Documents/000111234/TShome.htmlUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/anim24c.movUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Draw4D27.hqxUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/NewYorkNY.mp3File Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/musPhysics.htmlFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/etcstuffUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/abfold.wavFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/www.meetingtent.comUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/mesEMSxx.auFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/TMcKennaArtBell.htmlFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/DolpinAbyss.htmlUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Georgiaglory.wavUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Mozart41s4.mp3File Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/UGAbulldogsUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/wreck.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/vodoch1.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/vodoch2.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/ReqAkira.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/B111.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/stingprof.movFile Not Found file:///iPurple/0-000NYY2001/Cuba.htmlUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/vGrFx.auFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/:// Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/SU5GUT.hmtlUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/GrFx.auFile Not Found file:///iPurple/0-000/Errata.htmlFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/ClifTensor%20Geom.htmlUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/SIRDS.hqxFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/d4d5e6e7e8hist.htmlFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/clfqp.htmlUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/ Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Sets2Quarks9.html@LeeCPFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/%20 Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Weyl.htmUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/VeganHE.mp3Unknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Ididitmyway.mp3Unknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/TonySmith.auUnknown Format file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/Ogun.wavFile Not Found file:///Phi2Pi/Desktop%20Folder/TonyS%20web/HDFC.htmlFile Not Found file:///iPurple/Home/WWWTS/tsmith-LOCAL/Ganesha.html

Some of the errata may be due to the fact that my pdf web bookdoes not include any sound or movie/animation files. Further,animated gifs may only be represented by a single still image. Someother of the errata may be due to typographical or other errors inlinks within my web site.

I noticed that two files ( HBopp.html andpcal.html ) not listed in the above erratalist seem to have been omitted from my pdf web book. My guess is thatthose two files may not be linked (directly or indirectly) to thefile from which I started the process of making it by using thecommand "Open Web Page ...", thus causing their omission from the 16June 2003 version of my pdf web book. (It is possiblethat, due to the above links, they might be included in any revisedversion.)

Some other differences between my pdf web book and my web site arethat the pdf web book version of this file EandOforPDF.html does notcontain the errata lists that were produced when I made revisions,and the pdf web book version of the file tsemailaddress.htmlcontains my e-mail address as of 8 July 2005, which may not becurrent due to spam-avoiding address changes.

Still other differences may have occurred because the version ofmy web site directory/folder on the iMac on which I made my pdf webbook may differ from the version of my web site directory/folder(s)on Server Computer (or computers) serving the internet. For example,the file BrowseMe.html (whose content is similar tothat of TShome.html) is located outside the web sitedirectory/folder on that iMac.

There may be still other differences that I have not nownoticed.

I finished making the pdf version (then 5,397 pages) on 16 June2003, 1:07 AM EDT and I updated it on 8 July 2003, with modificationsthrough 9 July 2003. I revised it further as late as December 2003,and into 2007.

I also put in some corrections, additions, etc., includinga paper about VoDou = IFA and Physicsaround 9 November 2003, my rewrite ofThe Matrix (mostly Revolutions) around 12 November 2003, mypage on archetypes in December 2003,and other changes into 2007, at which time the total number of pagesis over 7,500.

My primary web site ISP changed in 2004/2005, but many pages havelinks based on an old primary site, so, if, for example, you try togo to a link to a file with path and the file is not found,then try the same file with path

Of course, I am not perfect, and my pdf web book and my web sitefrom which it was created may contain typographical and other errorsand omissions beyond those described in this fileEandOforPDF.html.


Frank Dodd (Tony) Smith, Jr. - 2007