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ET and UFO

If there are ET, then are ET the source of (at leastsome) UFOs ?

Jack Sarfatti has done a lot of work on how UFOs might work, ifthey are due to ET. Please understand that Jack consistently saysthat his work is based on an ASSUMPTION that ET UFOs exist, and thathe does not claim to have any PROOF that ET UFOs exist. That is thesame approach that I take with respect to this web page, so, for therest of this page, assume that ET UFOs exist.

It is useful to divide the ET UFOs into two classes: SpaceCraftand StarGates.


In his book SuperCosmos (pdf as of 2/18/04), Jack Sarfattidescribes SpaceCraft using quotations from FASTWALKER ( ) byJacques-F.-Vallee, which Jack Sarfatti describes as "... Vallee'sessentially factual report thinly disguised as "science-fiction."...". Here are excerpts from the quotes used by Jack Sarfatti:

"… The UFO ... is controlled by a non-human form of consciousness. ...

... it resembles a constantly moving film with an approximate optical depth of five microns [ 5,000 nm ], rather than a fixed metallic skin. ... the membrane seems to be agitated by random interface phenomena at the molecular level ...

... [Fastwalker is] ... saucer a hundred feet in diameter, silvery-gray in color, with an occasional glint of gold. The sound that came from it was a high-pitch melody that followed none of the known laws of music. The craft's surface shimmered under the spotlights, as if it were spinning rapidly. ... the disk had a superstructure like a cupola on its upper shell, with pulsing colors that resolved into successive levels of blue, red and green. ... Its physical shape seemed to change ever so slightly from minute to minute defying perspective, inducing a mild sense of vertigo ...

... The Fastwalker had changed shape again, and it began to glow with the intensity of a blaze. What they saw now was a rounded mass of light ninety feet wide and forty feet high. Its intensity resolved itself into successive layers of bluish and reddish radiation. ...

... the Doppler effect ... read … 1,801 km/h ... But it's not moving at all. ...

... inside the Fastwalker … the inside ...[is]... much bigger than the outside ...".


In an April 2005 e-mail message Jack Sarfatti said:

"... the high Tc thin skin NANO-NETWORK of the saucer is simultaneously a propulsion unit and a macro-quantum computer ... around the fuselage of the saucer. ...".


Based on a paper entitled Entanglement and teleportation ofmacroscopic continuous variables by superconducting devices by L.Fisch, I. E. Mazets, and G. Kurizki at quant-ph/0504153,whose abstract says

"... A current-biased low-temperature superconducting Josephson junction (JJ) is dynamically describable by the quantized motion of a fictitious particle in a "washboard" potential. The long coherence time of tightly-bound states in the washboard potential of a JJ has prompted the effort to couple JJs and operate them as entangled qubits, capable of forming building blocks of a scalable quantum computer.

Here we consider a hitherto unexplored quantum aspect of coupled JJs: the ability to produce Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) entanglement of their continuous variables, namely, their magnetic fluxes and induced charges.

Such entanglement, apart from its conceptual novelty, is the prerequisite for a far-reaching goal: teleportation of the flux and charge variables between JJs, implementing the transfer of an unknown quantum state along a network of such devices. ..."

I said, in an April 2005 e-mail message:

"... resonant connections between the fuselage quantum computer network of Josephson Junctions (JJs) and the tubulin quantum computer of the brain of the pilot is probably what enables the pilot to control the craft, and it is probable that each craft is resonantly tuned to the brain of its pilot, so that anyone not knowing that particular resonant pattern cannot control the craft.

With 10^18 tubulins, the resonant "key" is probably hard to crack, even for NSA, and therefore it may be difficult for anyone (such as a USAF test pilot) who does not have the (alien?) key to make it fly.

If the craft is roughly a flat saucer with top and bottom surface area each about 70 m x 70 m = 4,900 m^2, or total surface of about 10^4 m^2 = 10^8 cm^2,

then, in order to have about 10^18 JJ to match the 10^18 brain tubulins, the area of each JJ would have to be about 10^(8-18) = 10^(-10) cm^2, or in other words a little square about 10^(-5) cm = 10^(-7) m = 100 nm on a side,

which is on the same order of magnitude as the 25 nm diameter of a microtubule and is something that could reasonably be synthesized with advanced nanotechnology. ...".


If each JJ is a 100 nm cube, then for a UFO skin 5 micronsdeep ( 5,000 nm deep ) the UFO skin depth is 50 times the JJ cubedepth, so there would be room for connective tissue between the JJ ofthe UFO skin.



In a 21 November 2004 e-mail message, Jack Sarfatti said:

"... Eric Davis is a bona-fide Ph.D physicist who worked at the now largely-defunct National Institute of Discovery Science in Las Vegas funded by the new Howard Hughes, Robert Bigelow, a hotel real-estate tycoon seriously interested in UFOs and the paranormal. Bigelow owns Bigelow Aerospace whose mission is "hotels in space". He gave several million dollars to the University of Las Vegas for paranormal research. Bigelow also bought a ranch in Utah where, in a NIDS report, Eric Davis states that a Big Foot looking creature, presumably

from a parallel universe next door, was seen coming out of a wormhole hovering a few feet off the ground. ... ".


In a 2 May 2005 e-mail message Jack Sarfatti quoted Gary Bekkum assaying, in an e-mail message:

"... the skin of the 'craft' acts directly as the physical expression of the mind controlling it. This means that the actual surface of the skin can morph to any shape projected by the mind controlling the skin.

The skin emerges from a wormhole and is highly adaptable to any environment that it enters. I assume that the 'skin' is an extension of the wormhole from which it emerges. Observation (subjective) suggests that the wormhole is approximately 1 meter in diameter, and the emergent 'being' is perhaps two meters plus in height.

The emergent form fluctuates and is capable of extending appendages such as 'growing' arms and fingers. The surface of the skin appears to carry electric charge. ...

... multiple entities forming a 'cloud' ...[ have been ]... observed ...".


Following the analysis of my EVO webpage:

A 1-meter StarGate ( that is, a StarGate whose expanded Planck Length is 1 meter ) has r = 10^9 cm = 10^4 km, N = 10^37.

Use the hydrogen atom as the basis of comparison where r = 10^(-8) cm and N = 1 with self-electrical force 10^16 compared to 1-meter StarGate self-electrical force 10^74 x 10^(-18) = 10^56 in these relative dimensionless units.

That is, the self-electrical force at the surface of 1-meter StarGate assumed to be in a spherical thin shell is 10^40 stronger than the electrical force on the atomic electron in the ground state of the hydrogen atom.

Next consider a single electron as a shell of charge e at the classical electron radius 10^(-13) cm. The relative self-electric force is then 10^26.

Therefore, the electrical force of a 1-meter StarGate is about 10^30 larger than that on a single electron.

The effective G* induced by the zero point energy core needed to stabilize a single spatially extended electron is 10^40 G.

That is the effective Planck length Lp* in the interior of a single electron is 10^-(13) cm.

The effective Planck length in the interior of a 1-meter StarGate is therefore 10^2 cm = 1 meter since G* = Lp^*2.

In other words, a naturally occurring EVO - Ball Lightning type1-meter Planck Length forms at the center of a 10,000 km (Earth-sized ) EVO - Ball Lightning type enclosing sphere.

To expand the Planck Length to 1 meter within a smaller enclosingsphere, you must put more charge on the surface of the enclosingsphere, so that N would become larger than would be expected from ther^2 area relationship.



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