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ET -------- or -------- NO ET?


If Earth's Humans are NOT the only technologicallyadvanced intelligent material lifein Our Universe,

then, as Enrico Fermi asked,

Where is Everybody?

 Maybe, as Ellie Arroway said in Carl Sagan's novelContact (at page 46),

They could communicate with us, but they're not doing itbecause they don't see any point to it.

Maybe now they are communicating with each other throughout OurUniverse. Even if USA agencies may have listened to somecommunications among ETs, it may be that they cannot translate whatthey are hearing (unlike the Hollywood fiction of the movie Contact).It may be that the USA listeners don't even recognize that thesignals are communications, sort of like the Western Native AmericanIndians who may have had no idea what messages were going over thetelgraph lines through their homeland.

What would an ET Galactic Communications Network looklike?

To carry information over long distances, they would useElectromagnetic Photons.

To carry more information, they would use high-frequency GammaRays.

To be energy-efficient in transmitting information from point topoint within the Milky Way, they would use Gamma Ray Beams that areGravitationally Focussed by a star near the point of origin.

If Earth happens to be in the path of such a Gamma Ray Beamof Communications of ExtraTerrestrial Intelligences (CETI),

the CETI Gamma Ray Beam would look a lot like a GAMMARAY BURST.


What Language would they use for CETICommunication?


The Language of a TOE that notonly describes Physics, but alsodescribes:

All these Languages are equivalent and can be expressedin terms of Clifford Algebras.




What if Humans Failto join in a Galactic CETI Communication Network?

Then Somebody Else may have to take over the region ofour Milky Way Galaxy near our Earth and Sun,

so that our Earth and Sun can be an active part of aLiving Universe.



The Pogocartoon at the top of this page was scanned from page xvi ofIntelligent Life in the Universe, by Carl Sagan and I. S. Sklovskii(Holden-Day 1966), which is an English translation, expanded withsome commentary, by Carl Sagan of the book Vslennaia, Zhizn, Razum(Universe, Life,Mind) by Iosef Shmuelovich Shklovskiipublished in Moscow in 1963, parts of which were serialized inKomsomolskaya Pravda and published in Priroda.



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