Cobalt Bomb War
Frank Dodd (Tony) Smith, Jr. - 2017

Zero Hedge says in an article at
“… we will be involved in a World War that will be initiated by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon detonated over the continental United States …
it is feasible to strike the United States from a submarine launch off the West Coast,
as the Chinese probably tested with the missile plume detected off of the California coastline in 2009  …”.

I think the article got the year wrong - it was November 2010 -
here are some images about the Nov 2010 Chinese sub missile launch near Los Angeles:

An EMP first strike by China/Russia is scary
even more scary is the possibility of a Cobalt Bomb first strike.
The  following image is a modification of the material at
because I think that the web page has some deliberately misleading material,
such as it does NOT have the casing of the bomb as an ellipsoid with two focus points 
which is the fundamental brilliant insight of Ulam for the H-bomb.
“… A cobalt bomb could be made by placing a quantity of ordinary cobalt metal (59Co)
around a thermonuclear bomb. When the bomb explodes, the neutrons produced
by the fusion reaction in the secondary stage of the thermonuclear bomb's explosion
would transmute the cobalt to the radioactive isotope cobalt-60 (60Co),
which would be vaporized by the explosion. The cobalt would then condense
and fall back to Earth with the dust and debris from the explosion, contaminating the ground.
The 5.27 year half life of the 60Co is long enough to allow it to settle out before significant decay
has occurred, and to render it impractical to wait in shelters for it to decay,
yet short enough that intense radiation is produced
Theoretically, a device containing 510 tons of Co-60
can spread 1g of the material to each square km of the Earth's surface (510,000,000 km2).
Radiation output from 1g of Co-60 over one half life is equivalent to 44000 GBq,
which is sufficient to kill any inhabitants.
If one assumes that all of the material is converted to Co-60 at 100 percent efficiency
and if it is spread evenly across the Earth's surface,
it is possible for a single bomb to kill every person on Earth …”.

Do USA Russia China have Cobalt bombs ?

A 12 Nov 2015 BBC article at
“… The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo - called "Status-6" -
should not have appeared on Russian TV news …

However, the Russian government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta later reported details of the weapon,
without showing the diagram, and speculated about a super-radioactive cobalt device ...
the giant torpedo's range is given as "up to 10,000km" (6,200 miles) and depth of trajectory is "up to 1,000m" (3,300ft).
It was developed by Rubin, a submarine design bureau in St Petersburg.
It would, apparently, be launched by nuclear-powered submarines of the 09852 "Belgorod" and 09851 "Khabarovsk" series.
Rossiiskaya Gazeta called the torpedo a "robotic mini-submarine",
travelling at 100 knots (185km/h; 115mph), which would "avoid all acoustic tracking devices and other traps" ...
100-megaton warhead could devastate US coast with massive tsunami and intense radiation
Soviet "Tsar Bomba" was biggest nuclear device ever detonated - it was 58 megatons …”.

If Russia is saying that it is building a Cobalt Bomb
it is very likely that a Cobalt Bomb is part of Obama’s Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapon Modernization
program and that Trump will support it.

A nuclear war started by pre-emptive first strike by fearful Russia / China or by USA/NATO aggression
would lead Cobalt bombs being used by all sides thus ending life for 50 years
in USA and Russia (fallout including Europe) and China (fallout including Korea and Japan)
maybe New Zealand / Australia / Argentina / South Africa
will be the best places to possibly survive.

If China/Russia only wanted to kill all life in the USA, not the whole world,
then since the area of the USA is about 10,000,000 km^2
they only need to deliver 510 x ( 10 / 510 ) = 10 tons of Co-60
since the Russian SS-18 ICBM has a payload of about 7 tons
it seems that 4 or 5 SS-18s detonated in the air over the USA
could get rid of all USA life for about 50 years or so.

If USA, China, Russia do not cut some sort of world power-sharing deal
if USA / NATO continues to put military pressure (and covert destabilization attempts)
against Russia / China
the  rational thing for Russia / China to do is NOT to wait for a USA / NATO attack
to hit the USA / NATO with a preemptive first strike (like Israel did to Iraq and Syria nuclear reactors).


the Most Important Deal that President Trump Could Ever Make
would be
a Russia / China / USA Deal to Share Power for Global Rule over Earth

somewhat analogous to the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas
that divided the New World between Spain and Portugal
That Treaty was substantially effective up to the time 1580-1640
when Spain and Portugal effectively merged, having the same King.
The Treaty was effectively ended when third parties,
particularly England and Holland,
became powerful enough to challenge Spain and Portugal.


It is also important that Russia / China / USA
remain the ONLY Significant Military Powers on Earth.