Billie Ham Smith and Frank Dodd Smithmarried In Valdosta, Georgia on 30 May 1940 (beginning menstrualcycle); spent the night in Tallahassee, Florida; arrived in Miami,Florida on 31 May 1940 and stayed at the Columbus Hotel through 1June 1940; stayed in Tampa, Florida on 2 June 1940; stayed at LakeCity, Florida on 3 June 1940; ate lunch on 4 June 1940 in Valdosta,Georgia; spent the night of 4 June 1940 at the Biltmore Hotel inAtlanta, Georgia; and arrived at their first married home, the BrabanHotel in Cartersville, Georgia, on 5 June 1940 (new moon). InCartersville, she had a checkup with Dr. Bill Quillian. Shavuot was12-13 June 1940 (including menstrual cycle day 14 ovulation),. thetime of conception of me (Tony Smith). Myofficial legal name at birth was Frank Dodd Smith, Jr., but I wasthen nicknamed Tony by my father, who liked the boxer Two-TonTony Galentowho is shown in theabove 1940 picture with his son.

At Shavuot, 6-7Sivan, 5700 (12-13 June 1940) (yearof Metal and Dragon):

60 years later (the common period ofJupiter (Wood) and Saturn (Earth), with individual periods of,repectively, 12 years and 30 years, give or take a year or so) atShavuot, 6-7 Sivan, 5760(9-10 June 2000) (year of Metaland Dragon):

Shavuot is the anniversary of Moses receiving theTorah on Mount Sinai, and also, as the two days after 7 weeks (49days Omer) after Pesach, is a celebration of harvest. The JewishCalendar that I used is freeware JewishCalendar V2.0 by Frank Yellin, 510Beresford Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94061, based on algorithms by N.Dershowitz and E. M. Reingold.


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